Tautai Fale-ship Residency 2022: ‘Madapai’


Dru Douglas’ final offering for his Fale-ship Residency is ‘Madapai’ (Motherland). In this visually captivating work Dru has utilised 3D rendering software to position his stunning fashion pieces within a triptych platform building layers of image that acknowledge and honour the inspiration drawn from his home in Papua New Guinea. Visceral elements of home, volcano and ocean, food and community, inform how we receive and interpret Dru’s elegant and aspirational designs. A rich soundscape deepens the experience.

The result is a work which connects on many levels with deceptive ease, showcasing Dru’s finely worked fashion design resting in a place of deep enjoyment which celebrates the whakapapa of the creative work, placing it in its birthplace of The Pacific, connecting the artist and the viewer through the concept of home.

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